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Androgenetic Alopecia

This is the most common type of hair loss i encounter. Men the hair loss follows a particular pattern- hair gets thinner, more fragile and the spacing increases between hair follicles. Using a Trichoscope- we can see this, and this is called Hair Miniaturisation. Furthermore, most of hair going through this miniaturisation are either on crown or at the hairline, i.e diffuse thinning. with a receding hairline, enlarging crown. But interestingly the hair on sides and  back are generally preserved. Watch the video I made here to understand better.

In females - going through this hair loss, yes miniaturization is happening, but the pattern of hair loss is slightly different- In females- the hair line is preserved but they notice the scalp is showing more, part line is increasing and at the temples the hair loss starts to become evident.

The main culprit here is DHT – Dihydrotestosterone. This is due to conversion of Testosterone to DHT. So to give you an analogy- DHT causes damage to the hair follicle as a weedkiller might do to the plant. The hair on the sides, back, beard and chest are resistant to the harmful effects of DHT, so they are generally preserved. Now genetics is one of the main reasons why this particular pattern of hair loss starts to show effect in some individuals early. This conversion of testosterone to DHT is a natural part of the ageing process, it’s just that unfortunately it’s happening at an accelerated pace in some individuals.

But there is hope – it is important we correctly diagnose the problem. So, we now know that DHT is the culprit – so we need to stop it from being made to a certain extent, so as it does not cause damage to hair follicle. We Need to use Blockage therapy in form of medication. Also, we need to use stimulation therapies like Minoxidil, PRP/ TET/LED and vitamins.

But we need to act quickly as once we lose hair follicle then – no amount of stimulation or blockage therapy can work, and balding is inevitable.

There is a catch- As much as we would want to hear – there is no cure, but we can put brakes on it getting worse, and with stimulation therapies make the hair stronger, and regrow the weak follicles. Once the blockage therapy is stopped – slowly the hair starts to go back to how nature had intended for that individual and balding starts- So the key early intervention – regular stimulation therapies to act as defence and regular doctor FU, as we can give medication breaks and see if dose adjustments need to be done.