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Telogen Effluvium

I have seen many women and some men commonly suffering from this- they would report that hair is coming out in chunks after they shower- and it is getting thinner.

And the link between COVID 19- and this form of hair loss is fully established now. Which can happen 3 months after a COVID infection and can last up to 6 months. But even stress/depression can lead to it.

Our hair follicle has a lifespan- like we all do. A typical hair will go through cycles of hair birth  - active hair growth , resting phase and eventual fall. But when this process is accelerated through various reasons - like stress, iron deficiency, micro mineral deficiency-the shedding phase of the hair cycle kicks in earlier than expected and we start to lose hair.

Good news – we can help you by first correctly identifying if you have this hair loss or are just going through normal shedding- many times there can be an overlap with types of hair loss as well. Stimulation therapies like medication, micronutrient vitamin supplements, LED and PRP/ TET with PRP work a treat by kick starting the growing phase and arresting further loss.