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Genetic test for personalised treatments to treat your hair loss concerns


The Tricho test is a genetic test that is done taking your cheek swab, it’s completely painless- It gives an insight into your genetic factors contributing to hair loss. This test analyses 48 genetic variants in 7 treatment categories. Analysing your genetic code, Dr will get a detailed report as to what medication and treatments will work best for you including other factors that might be influencing your hair fall. Your genetic code does not change and so this test is done just once in your lifetime. This breakthrough in diagnosis will help you save time and money by reducing the amount of trial and error involved in the treatment process.

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Who should get Trichotest done? One can choose to get this test by getting in touch with us. If you have a strong family history of hair loss wanting to understand how their genetics can affect them. If you are experiencing hair loss earlier than expected and you want to know what medications will work best. An individual who has tried various medications for hair regrowth with little or no success. Interstate patients can also get the Tricho test, contact us to arrange video consult. What is included in the Trichotest? If you book a Tricho test at Dr Jag’s clinic; you will get an initial hair consultation with Hair Metrix analysis. The Tricho test will be performed by Dr Jag. The results can take upto 6 weeks. A follow up consult (in person or video) is included to discuss your Tricho test and get tailored treatment.

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